Thursday, 8 July 2010

Only In The Big Apple

Nobody tells them where to park!

Spent the first jubiladed weekend visiting New York.

If this had been Canada, not only would no one being parking in a construction zone, if anyone had tried, a stranger would have helpfully pointed out, "Excuse me, friend, you obviously didn't see the sign."

Canadians would quickly become an endangered species in New York.

And spent one of the days driving/slaloming/attacking the streets with a native New Yorker. What was that movie; Eyes Wide Open.

Yup, that was me. You could add "knuckles fully white" and "pants fully loaded".

Also did the obligatory Yankees game.

With the obligatory Jays-stinking-the-game-out part as well (11 Yankee runs in one inning).

To add to the fun, it was 98oF. In the shade!

Unfortunately, we weren't in the shade.

So my new best friend quickly became the powerful and all knowing "Vendor".

I was mesmorized by his repeated mantra; "Bea hea! Cold bea hea!"

"Please Vendor, hear my plea!"

[Seemed a lot funnier when you are delirious with heat stroke and over refreshed on $11 beas.]

And keeping with the beer theme (and why not?) you know you are in a Hispanic section of New York when the Cerveza ads are all in Spanish.

Except, of course, for the word Cerveza.....

I know one word in Spanish, and they didn't use it.


Anonymous said...

You mean VENNNN-DORRR the Valiant! So unassuming as many heros are...ahhhh...

Pat from Joisey

P.S. My word verification was Orikelen... another superhero I guess

Urban Cowboy said...

Yes, a much better pronunciation!