Monday, 26 July 2010

Summertime.....And The Biking Is Easy.....

Was up in lovely North Bay for part of last week. [Notice reference is to week, not weekend. Ha ha, they're all the same now!]

In addition to taking necessary hydration and splashing off their dock on Trout Lake (sun glinting off windscreen of boat below - more on boat later), what manly adventure would be complete without a little bike tour of the waterfront?

And what manly adventure doesn't start off without a visit to the local bike store? [See Mike & Tod's Harebrained Adventure for reminder.]

And just so everyone can relax, we followed all the rules for this bike trip; one beer every 5k.

We went over 250 kilometres! Burp. Okay, 16 km's.

Here, one sad bike boy in need of a 5k beer.

Whew....disaster averted.

Too bad we couldn't stick around for the boat show.

Or the eardrum bursting show, as some of these cigarette boats are known. You hear them ages before you can see them.

This little baby needs four, 250 horsepower Merc motors to get it going.

Ha ha, only four? And a cutesy little truck to pull it.

Another sad biker boy (okay, the same one) waiting patiently (okay, not patiently) for another 5k beer.

Take the dang picture, nobody reads this crap anyway.

[Ed note: author too busy taking what was likely lifesaving hydration to take post-beer picture.]

As is the tradition with manly adventures, only the finest establishments are patronized.

Here, permanent residents of the "Cecil" look to have their own fire escape. Quick and....well, quick, anyway.

So a great tour. With lots of cash pumped into the local patio economy. But only in 5k increments.

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