Thursday, 7 October 2010

Curse Of The White Hats

Things had been pretty quiet at the new condo site across the street.

Until all the white hats showed up.

As a former white hat, all the other coloured hats loved it when we showed up to help. Especially if there were lots of us.

Coloured Hat: "Good morning."
White Hat 1: "Shouldn't you be wearing double hearing protection?"
White Hat 2: "No, triple."

You get the idea.

It looks like Yellow Hat on the right is trying to sneak into the Johnny On The Spot without anyone seeing him.

Perhaps the meeting is to congratulate themselves for the fine job they have done securing the gaping two story hole in the background.

What securing, you ask?

Come on - they have yellow tape all along the back side.


This is one crazy construction site. Crazy meaning unsafe.

I've been watching that hole for a while, as workers scamper around the site, carrying buckets and tools, cutting around that corner.

Some of them don't seem to be paying attention to the yellow tape!

Obviously, they need to put up some red tape.

1 comment:

Krys & Paul said...

Always interesting to see an expert sidewalk (balcony?) supervisor at work!

Amazing there aren't more deaths and injuries in construction work.