Saturday, 30 October 2010

Five Years - For This?

As discussed in a previous post, Bloor street has been undergoing an 18 month revitalization project. For the last five years.

[See "Call Before You Dig"for a reminder.]

And this is what we'd been waiting for?


Who says the city doesn't spend taxpayer money wisely!

At least Harry has taken down his sign....


Rob Greenfield said...

c'mon, quit yet whinin'.
wait til Ford gets goin', then y'al have reason to whine.

Urban Cowboy said...

Oh I can't wait for Ford to start laying the lumber!

You will never have heard such whining and teeth gnashing coming from the special interest & entitlement groups as you will over the next four years.

As one Toronto Sun columnist put it, the hysteria of my colleagues over at the Toronto Star will reach new heights.

Rob Greenfield said...

oh oh, the "C" is coming out, you red throat you. I like the left, in fact I even lie on the left. I like the special interest groups, they're way more interesting than Fordies. If I lived in Toronto's Ford country I'd move. Mel Lastman, now Ford, I can't stop laughing hahahaha ..., but I do like the UC, and yuking when I can.

Rob Greenfield said...

... and the Sun?!?! that's a NEWSpaper????

Krys & Paul said...

Have we had an official opening yet? It doesn't look finished. Wait till spring and just be happy you can drive down it now, if you must.

As a retired systems person, I can tell you, the fast projects are the ones that fail and fail and fail in production, because someone didn't take the time to deal with the infrastructure and test the plans before they implemented them.

Ever watch Holmes on Homes? Let's say city refurbs are that in spades!