Monday, 11 October 2010

Horse Already Gone

I suppose for the City Of Toronto to remind people to "call before you dig" after a previously posted disaster [see "Call Before You Dig" could be called chutzpah.

But I prefer to call it utter incompetence. Utter, mind blowing incompetence.

And, they had the gall to post this in the very same mall where the original mess occurred.

Come to think of it, to everyone but them, this is really a daily reminder of their utter, mind blowing incompetence. [Did I mention utter, mind blowing incompetence?]

And you wonder why some people think a change is required at good old City Hall.

Gee, we have civic elections in two weeks.

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Krys & Paul said...

Do we really think that incompetence is going to be fixed in an election? Hell, that would take a bloody revolution with wholesale executions of all civil servants regardless of competence or lack thereof... And then we could start over. Would it make any difference? Who knows? Apparently they are now saying that Stalin was effective in bringing Russia forward very fast - the fact that he murdered 70 million people to do it, tant pis.