Thursday, 7 October 2010

You Go, Girls!

Wow, two words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence; "Yorkville" & "Run". Or even walk quickly.

They held the inaugural "Yorkville Charity Run" and give the girls credit.

No one turned an ankle in their three inch, Jimmy Chu heels or spilled a latte around the two block course. [Okay, it was 5k.]

When your event is sponsored by the likes of Aston Martin, The Four Seasons Hotel, Damn Heels and Ferrari Maserati, you know you're going to be pulling down some serious cash.

Oo la la...maybe I was a little hasty in poo pooing this event.

Looks like "Yorkville" and "Spandex" are two very good words to be in the same sentence.

And they convinced almost 500 Yorkvillites to strap 'em on, too.

But in a sign of our changing, and accepting, times, a summary of the race participants listed 278 females, 224 males and 2 unknown.

Easy to tell; where they wearing Jimmy Chu's or Oxfords?


Anonymous said...

Hope you got the number of the girl in purple hoodie. She sure is giving you "The Look" Third photo.

Anonymous said...

y'know I was thinking the same thing... I KNOW you're checkin' out the blonde pony tail in the short shorts... but that other girl would wash up just fine! You didn't even see her, did you? You see those other guys acting like horney li'l puppies with the 'ponytail'? Hmmmmm...