Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Been There, Done That....

Not unlike a lot of the U.S., south-western Ontario is also getting hammered by old man winter. Specifically, just outside of Sarnia, on Highway 402, above.

Boy, I know how they feel. As I went through something eerily similar last year.

See "I Hate Winter!" for a summary of the episode....just outside of Sarnia on that damn Highway 402.

On another trip to Sarnia, I got smart. See "Can You Say Brrrrr?" for the tale.

Many years ago we went in the ditch trying to get out of Dodge. [I wasn't driving.]

But that is one nasty stretch of highway.


Krys & Paul said...

Great photo

Krys & Paul said...

If you want revenge for all my comments, I have a blog - send me your e-mail and I'll let you at it.

Urban Cowboy said...

Ha ha, I think that'd be asking for trouble.

Krys & Paul said...

No doubt ;-) but I try to be fair