Saturday, 14 August 2010

Call Before You Dig?

Seems a simple enough concept. Something you are taught in school, right?

Well, apparently, not to the City of Toronto.

They embarked on a sidewalk beautification project along Bloor St. Arguably the street with the most expensive shopping in Canada.

Was supposed to be an 18 month job.

Now I like beautiful sidewalks as much as the next guy. But can you guess what happens next?

As the city was digging up the road and sidewalks, they came across buried wires and transformers of Toronto Hydro and Bell Canada.

"What are they doing here?"

And then the finger pointing began.

So, as men's retailer Harry Rosen reminds everyone daily, five years later, after Toronto Hydro came in to relocate - and are still relocating - their transformers, the entire street is a disaster zone.

For those of you worried that privatization of some government services could be a bad thing - how could it possibly be worse?

Five years of this!

Bloor St. is down to a single lane each way.

And they are not done.

Five years.......

And who is going to pay for this?

Take a big honkin' guess.

And then take a big honkin' bite, never mind.

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