Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Home Alone 20 - There Will Be Nails

As usual a good time was had by all at the latest installment of the Home Alone series.

Although it looks here as though two lads are gripping the winner's trophy very tightly. But there can only be one winner.

And I didn't say undisputed winner.

And although they say numbers don't lie, I think they do in this case.

I don't agree with any of the results of the games! Of course, except for the overall winner, no one did.

Although the official title of this year's event was "There Will Be Nails", the more literally correct title is "There Will Be Arguments".

Here, two rocket scientists are brought in to figure out how to use the timer on the winner's camera.

I'm not sure what school they were from, but glad we weren't paying them by the hour.

Ana there is always one guy that takes the competition more seriously than others.

Yeah, rub our faces in it.


Rob Greenfield said...

There Will Be Nails includes There Will Be Arguments, I think.

Anonymous said...

mmm.mmm..mmm. hope that came across as i intended... he still got it... :-)

Pat Joisey

northerndreamer said...

I can guess who the reigning Rules Marshall is.

Urban Cowboy said...

You got that right!