Monday, 16 August 2010

Same Neighbourhood - But Worlds Apart

So as my afternoon journey through the neighbourhood continued a few blocks further south...

Apparently, I was no longer in Kansas and Toto was being walked by a man in a leather skirt.

It looks as though the Toronto gaybourhood was having some sort of "event."

It was either a drag queen show - here featuring one very provocative entertainer with blue hair turning his back to the crowd (hmmmm...this seemed to be a popular move with most of the performers), or a let's stand around outside naked show.

As I saw two big fellows wearing leather chaps. And that was it.

How do I know?

Because as I finished watching one particularly adept performance - for documentation purposes only, for crying out loud! - I found myself within butt slapping distance (not that there's anything really, sorta totally wrong with that) of the aforementioned fellows.

Now I know the humidex reading was 40oC, but guys....

Lots of supporters for Jock Strap Central. Ba da bing! (And I know of at least two guys that should have stopped in here.)

So same neighbourhood, but two different worlds.

And I'm doubting there will be any joint bbq/block parties between the two any time soon.


northerndreamer said...

Why didn't you strap on your dog collar and lederhausen and join them?

Urban Cowboy said...

Well I just might - if you are going to join us at Home Alone this weekend......