Monday, 16 August 2010

It's a Beautiful Day In My Their Neighbourhood

Even though this neighbourhood is....well, my neighbourhood - just a few blocks away - it is really light years away.

Each of these properties, tucked in not far from mid town, are amazing and lush.

So muffled by trees are the streets, I can almost hear my footsteps on the pavement. Almost eerie....

And looking around I can feel I don't belong.

From the wrought iron gates, the thick, thick privacy hedges and especially from the stares of people walking their dogs.

Now there are times when having a crappy phone/camera thingy is a good idea.....okay, I can't think of any....but if there were, this wouldn't be the place for it.

I need some fellow's camera from a blog farther down the dial to do justice to these places.

Oh and look, they even have cute little subway stop tucked in a ravine.

Heavens, not to give you the impression that any of them would ever take it! Or even know where it is!

But nannies, gardeners, & nosey retired guys are pleased it's there.

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Krys & Paul said...

Same as the bus route through Forest Hill - which I lived in or on the edge of depending on how snotty my audience was.

And as generations of Parisians have said - the advantage of visiting the Eiffel Tower, or the Montparnasse one or living in a modern building is - you don't have to look at it