Monday, 30 August 2010

Oh What A Lucky Day It Was, It Was

Took a little tour of the Toronto Islands on the Lucky Day earlier this month.

Quite a different world out there on the islands.

So, load up the bikes....

....and set sale for Hogtown.

What would the day hold in store?

After cruising in from Frenchman's Bay Marina, the Toronto skyline can be pretty impressive from the water side.

A view you can't see from downtown.

But once you get into the islands, you really feel like you are in, well, the islands.

Little water side bars.....

With the obligatory evidence of imbibement (much more evidence later).

If we hadn't brought our bikes, the train would have been a good mode of transport.

In fact, in hindsight, considering the imbibement to come, it may have been the best form....

Even though we are just steps, okay strokes, from downtown, it felt as if we were in the magnolia swamps of the southern US.

Wow what a view!

What view?

Although we spent some time - a lot of time - at the touristy pubs, we found a local watering hole that was much more to our pleasure.

As was the lovely Jessica!

A funky little tiki bar with views of downtown.

From this vantage point, we were able to watch the sun set behind the boats of the Island Boat Marina.

Jessica was good enough to snap a shot of two male models that had come in.

This, however, is a shot of the two schmoes she was stuck serving.

It is about this time that the island train was starting to look good as the preferred mode of transportation.

Whoa... is that legal?

We're having some fun now! forward - through much silliness and imbibement as we moored and slept and met strange people on the island that night - to leaving for home the next morning.

Shot of plane above us leavng from the Island Airport.

Okay, back home safe and sound.

Ready to start another Lucky Day.....


Rob Greenfield said...

Great! Would have liked to join you.

The State of Human Intelligence said...

lolwhat ?

Fins Up 2 said...

...Made it home without even a scratch. Fun and Lucky Day it was. Ah, to more adventures at sea!