Saturday, 20 March 2010

He Did It Again

The Condo Critic has taken aim at another condo in my neighbourhood.

He must be getting soft, because this is also a good review.

This is a condo at Av & Dav; Avenue Road and Davenport. A funky little enclave just west of me.

Breakfast at The Avenue Diner is always an interesting experience, as anyone who has been served by their one, colourful waitress will attest.

And I think she's been serving there since 1944.

Many beautiful buildings, that have remarkably avoided the wrecker's ball.

Which is good news for the little guy.

Although some of these classics are not so little.

And with a Jaguar dealer in the area, likely not so cheap.

Okay, the Ferrari & Maserati dealer seals it that I have now strayed from my neighbourhood.

But a cool walking tour nevertheless.......

Maybe the condo guy will feature mia casa next.



Rob Greenfield said...

btw, It's "mi casa." I love the Avenue Diner. It's great to see live history.

northerndreamer said...

The picture quality is stunning Jim. Did you get a real camera?

Anonymous said...

Re: the their jackets say "root(s)" "canal"? :-) Also the arrow to go in the diner in a bit suggestive... just a fun li'l place, eh?

Pat - Joisey

Urban Cowboy said...

New camera came with the new phone - but two years ago. Yes, definitely a step up from the previous fog-of-life variety.

And Ms. Joisey has a sharp eye. It looks like the Diner arrow has also been drooping there since 1944.