Sunday, 28 March 2010

How Many Air Canada Employees.....?

Does it take to check in luggage?


[Double click picture to viewed failed attempt at creating dramatic panorama view.]

Big line up of people trying to get their luggage checked in. I watched while two women slowly worked away at reviewing boarding passes, ticketing bags and explaining to people that they can't bring eight suitcases the size of small houses, as I came to a slow boil.

Then, one closed her lap top, stood up, looked at the line...and left. Leaving one woman to deal with the entire line.

I'm pretty sure I made a clever comment like, "What the hell is going on here?", before the woman staffing the "Executive" or "Elite" line at the far end signalled that she would allow one of the great unwashed to approach her.

When I got there, I said, You need to have more staff on. She said, No, we're reducing staff.

And I know where they all are. See earlier post on "How Many Air Canada Employees does It Take To Do....Nothing?" to find out.

Man, oh, man! If the company didn't let me keep my Aeroplan miles, I'd...I'd...well I'd probably still fly Air Canada, because that's what I've always done.....

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Gord Tripe said...

And, with the number of trips you've been making to the West lately, at least the flight attendants must be getting to know you well. Keep up the work with the panoramas - sometimes more is less and sometimes more is more.